towel to protect car seats

towel to protect car seats

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At the Shanghai Wildlife Park, a baby anteater always snuggles up to a white towel. As soon as the towel is removed, it chases after it. That is its source of sense of security.

I was playing happily in the living room, but when my feet slipped, my brow hit the edges of the coffee table and blood flowed. I froze, then burst into tears, my mother came over, hurriedly covered the wound with a clean towel, told my aunt to help me lie down, then drove me to the hospital and told my father to come immediately.

Nowadays, this kind of picnic in the suburbs is very attractive to the public. Some citizens say that long-distance travel is inconvenient, and the radius of the trip is narrowed. It is very happy to find a place with a beautiful environment and get together with relatives and friends. People can enjoy more and more leisure and recreational activities when camping, of course, it will produce more domestic waste, paper towels, melon peels, plastic bags. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will do great damage to the natural environment and make it impossible for others to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Especially during the epidemic period of hand, foot and mouth disease, we more strictly implement the environmental hygiene system, insist on a small scan every day and a big sweep once a week, strictly implement the disinfection system, do a good job in daily disinfection and disease prevention and isolation, and disinfect tableware and towels every day. Ultraviolet disinfection is carried out in activity rooms and siesta rooms every day, and toys and books are disinfected regularly. In the season of frequent occurrence of infectious diseases in spring, our park strictly adopts isolation and disinfection measures, and the bedding is sunburned once a week and cleaned once a month. Our park continues to enhance the effectiveness and strength of the inspection. Last semester, our school persisted in carrying out regular inspection, and this semester focused on random inspection, while increasing the density of inspection, especially to ensure that the inspection was recorded, there was guidance in the inspection, and pointed out that the review of problems promoted improvement. Evaluate the personal hygiene of young children and class hygiene inspection, so that each inspection has become an opportunity to promote the development of teachers or young children.

If ① is a lump, it should be cold compress immediately and let the health care teacher deal with it. ②? If there is a large wound, when there is more bleeding, first stop the bleeding: hold the wound with a clean towel; at the same time, inform the garden department, accompanied by the health care teacher and this class teacher to the hospital, and inform the parents in time to do a good job of the parents.

If nausea occurs during swimming, we should swim to the shore immediately, then drink some hot water, heat our head with hot towels, press our fingers on our temples and eat some garlic.

towel to protect car seats