weight and performance of the frame reach the best

weight and performance of the frame reach the best

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The brand new side rectifier cover plate makes the front look cleaner and fashionable, the weight and performance of the frame reach the best balance, the rear aluminum alloy subframe has a suitcase bracket, and the switchgear is ergonomic. In addition, there are brand new keys with aluminum alloy panels and modern dashboards.

Control of heat treatment distortion: the preheating zone of quenching furnace is lengthened to eliminate stress. A fully enclosed belt insulation controllable graded quenching tank is adopted. Temperature uniformity of quenchant ≤ 5 ℃. Only 1-2 people can practice the bag change operation through the upper box of the dust collector (clean air room). The loading and removal of the filter bag are carried out in the (air purification room), and there is no need to enter the filter room of the dust collector. ? The cage bone material is made of high-quality high-speed wire, and the cage bone is formed at one time by using the cage bone automatic production line to ensure the straightness and distortion of the cage bone. the filter bag frame is smooth and prickly after contact welding, and has sufficient strength, and there is no de-welding, virtual welding and missed welding. The bag cage selects silicone technology, the coating is firm, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which avoids the rust on the surface of the cage bone and the bonding of the filter bag after the dust collector has been working for a period of time, which ensures the smooth bag change and reduces the damage to the cloth bag during the bag change process. In order to reduce the amount of residual austenite and control the micro deformation after hot working.

weight and performance of the frame reach the best

Low-odor ABS materials are mainly used in the production of door panels, instrument panel trim frames, glove boxes, central control dashboards, air conditioning vents and other interior decoration components, especially air conditioning vents, which need to withstand higher temperatures and conduct air.

Domestic and foreign mainframe factories and parts suppliers have developed a lot of magnesium alloy parts, mainly: transmission shell, steering wheel skeleton, seat skeleton, dashboard skeleton, wheel hub and so on. Magnesium alloy parts are so widely used, how to ensure the quality of magnesium alloy parts and test them? At this time, X-Ray non-destructive testing equipment can give full play to its skills. The testers made statistics on the relevant display information, and then combined with these information to review the negative of the co-inspection, the reexamination results showed that there were no foreign objects in all the leaves during the co-inspection.

In the future, every surface in the automobile can be intelligent surface, including door trim panel, dashboard, steering wheel, skylight module, lighting system and so on. These surfaces have developed from decoration to mechatronics user interface. At present, intelligent surface technology is in the stage of market introduction and growth, and has great potential for development. how to make intelligent surface technology better requires the joint efforts of mainframe factories, scheme designers, parts suppliers, material enterprises and so on.

In the process of impact the body structure of the new car is deformed significantly because of the strong impact force. However, the door frame, steering column, dashboard and other components, although the outbreak of varying degrees of aggression, but are within the scope of safety, so the cockpit space basically adhere to a more outstanding condition. Among them, the upper door hinge column and instrument panel of the new X invade cm, and the steering column pushes one cm in the direction of the driver.

weight and performance of the frame reach the best

The composite thermal insulation formwork forming equipment is mainly composed of electronic metering device, dry powder mortar mixer, slurry mixer, work lifting frame, flattening device, transmission equipment and cutting machine, etc. The dry powder mortar mixer and the slurry mixer adopt automatic batching, electronic metering, high automation and accurate metering; the forming equipment has the characteristics of reasonable structure design, convenient production operation, short forming cycle, high production efficiency and good product quality.

Magnesium alloy has been widely used in automobile dashboard, seat bracket, gearbox shell, direction control system components, engine cover, door, engine cylinder block, frame and other parts in developed countries.