options: he could use a mop, towel or absorbent sponge

options: he could use a mop, towel or absorbent sponge

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Knowing that it was too slippery, my mother smiled and asked if she wanted to play in the milk puddle, then advised him to clean up the floor and gave him three options: he could use a mop, towel or absorbent sponge to clean up.

options: he could use a mop, towel or absorbent sponge

A mesh camping bag, also known as a mesh stuff sack, is a lightweight bag made of breathable mesh fabric. It is designed to store and transport various camping essentials such as clothing, towels, toiletries, and even food items. The main advantage of a mesh camping bag is its ability to allow air to circulate freely, preventing unpleasant odors and mold growth.

According to the area, first say the bedroom and the hall, mainly pay attention to wipe the lamps, air conditioners, curtain rods and doors and windows, if there is a cement stain can be gently scraped off the cement with a plastic scraper, and then wipe with a towel plus detergent.

The training revolves around the one-day work flow of the caregivers, aiming at all kinds of conservation work, the specific operation details are explained in detail from the aspects of toy disinfection, book disinfection, desks and chairs, towel disinfection, water cup disinfection and so on. It ensures that the conservation work is refined, programmed and standardized.

Salary: 2800 (+ overtime pay for statutory holidays) 6 days off with pay in the previous month. The distribution of labor insurance. The company distributes small labor insurance (towels, gloves, soap, washing powder, etc.) every month. One set of (pair) single overalls and single labor protective shoes are issued every 1 year, and a set of cotton overalls and cotton protective shoes are issued every 2 years. Sign up and provide information. Candidates are required to bring along the original second-generation ID card; 3 photocopies of the second-generation ID card; 2 copies of the household registration book (one page of the head of household and one page of myself are required to be copied to a piece of paper). The physical examination certificate provided by the hospital at or above the county level (the physical examination must be accompanied by electrocardiogram report, liver function test report, blood routine report, chest X-ray chest X-ray report, urine test report). 8 one-inch uncrowned color photos; one agricultural bank card. Once the above personnel are hired, our company will provide all kinds of insurance for them in accordance with the requirements of national standards.