carefully every day, disinfecting teacups and towel s every day, ultraviolet

carefully every day, disinfecting teacups and towel s every day, ultraviolet

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It can be said that if one person in your family suffers from fungal vaginitis, then your family is likely to suffer from it. This is because there are two ways of transmission of the disease, direct and indirect, direct transmission refers to sexual contact direct infection. Indirect infection refers to contact with towels contaminated by mold patients and the use of unclean toilet paper, which are all ways of transmission.

carefully every day, disinfecting teacups and towel s every day, ultraviolet

Cut a small piece with thin stockings (the thinner the better, the thicker it will affect the water, stretch as much as possible and fix it on the floor drain. In this way, the hair is gathered on the stockings, and when cleaning, throw away the stockings together with the hair, so that the hair will not leak into the floor. (effectively prevent connecting a hose close to the corner raft to the blockage point, put the hose into the floor leak so that it cannot be plugged in, then plug the floor leak with a towel as much as possible, and then open the corner raft water, while pressing the ground leak towel as hard as possible to prevent the water from returning. Repeatedly one to two times can be through, not through and stop.

Doctor Wang Xiaoya pointed out that for dry eyes, paying attention to eye moisturizing is the best way to prevent xerophthalmia. In addition to drinking more water to replenish body moisture, we can also maintain appropriate indoor temperature and humidity; for all kinds of inflammation, we should maintain good personal hygiene, maintain proper exercise to enhance immunity, do not share and contact towels with others, remember to wear swimming goggles when swimming, and friends with allergic constitution should stay away from allergens as far as possible.

It should be noted that family members do not share towels, dry clothes and quilts frequently, and make a good reserve of epidemic prevention materials such as thermometers, masks and disinfectants. The family environment is mainly clean, supplemented by preventive disinfection. Pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid touching the mouth, eyes and nose with uncleaned hands. Do a good job in monitoring the health of family members. Patients with respiratory diseases should go out as little as possible during their illness. If you need to go out, you should wear a mask correctly and do good hand hygiene. When the indoor temperature is suitable, natural ventilation should be used as far as possible. The air conditioner should be cleaned before use, and the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation for 20 minutes for 30 minutes before opening. The bathroom is equipped with hand sanitizer or quick-drying hand disinfectant. Take a spare mask with you when you go out, wear it in crowded or poorly ventilated public places and when taking public transport. We should pay attention to check the U-shaped pipe water seal of sewer, toilet floor drain and so on, and replenish water in time when water is scarce. Guanhai News / Qingdao Evening News reporter Yu Bo

carefully every day, disinfecting teacups and towel s every day, ultraviolet

Firefighters immediately picked up the little girl, wore an empty mask for her, and asked her grandparents to cover their mouths and noses with wet towels. Under the escort of firefighters, the three were successfully transferred downstairs.

First, pay attention to menstrual hygiene in the treatment of pelvic inflammation: change underwear frequently during the physiological period, set up special basins, towels, socks and underwear should be washed separately, towels and underwear should be ironed with boiling water and exposed to the sun for 6 hours. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease patients with menstruation and menstruation are not allowed to have sex, basin bath and swimming, it is best to have sex three days after menstruation, because the blood in the vagina is not clean.

Wrapping warm bags or hot water bags with towels is an effective way to keep warm, but the disadvantage is that we must always pay attention to whether the temperature is hot enough and the reheated hot water bags or warm bags need to be replaced frequently.

carefully every day, disinfecting teacups and towel s every day, ultraviolet

A fireman was carrying two bags, one with towels burned to a small size, and the other with pots and wires melted together. If you look closely, you can see that the inner wall of the pot is also black, as if there is something glued to it. Maybe some coach forgot about cooking hot food or cooking instant noodles.

6. Place the dough back into the mixing bowl, cover it with a clean kitchen towel, and let it rise in a warm place for 1 hour or until doubled in size.

(2) once the personnel find the signs before the gas explosion, they should calm down and take measures to save themselves. The specific method is: back to the direction of air flow, prone to the ground, face on the ground, in order to reduce the body height, avoid the strong impact of the shock wave, and stop breathing, use the towel to understand the mouth and nose, to prevent the flame from inhaling the lungs. It is best to cover the body with clothing to reduce body exposure area as much as possible to reduce burns. After the explosion, it is necessary to quickly wear self-rescue devices in accordance with the regulations, find out the direction, follow the disaster prevention route, and quickly retreat to the fresh air. If the roadway is seriously damaged and it is not known whether the retreat is safe or not, you can go to the more complete location of the shed and wait for rescue.

As a nursing teacher, class health care is a very important work. In order to keep the class clean and tidy, I insist on cleaning the bathroom carefully and carefully every day, disinfecting teacups and towels every day, ultraviolet radiation on the class every week, wiping tables and chairs, toys, walls, toilets and handrails with xx disinfectant every week, cleaning bedding every month to urge children to drink plenty of water, pay attention to personal hygiene, and wash their hands before and after meals. Also educate young children to wash their hands in the correct way, prevent the occurrence of diseases, and actively cooperate with the garden doctor to do a comprehensive physical examination of young children.